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Lee Jian
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Name: You have to ask for it ofcourse ahohoho! For the mean time call me anything. hmm? oh you can call me Ji An if you like~ <3

Age: I'm 17 (<-- that was 32 before, really. But since many of you were believing that crap, I decided to you know type there my real AGE~) But I still think I'm 32. I just want to okay.

Address: Milky way street, block solar system, lot Earth. Philippines city, Manila. Ahohoho! really.

I am a: aspiring doctor; Cassiopeia; YunJae Fangirl; AWESOME girl.

I like:

People: nice, caring, loves DBSK/JYJ, can appreciate music, lovable and can be crazy at times~

Food: Philippine Food. American Food. Japanese Food (Except Sushi's me no LIKEY.) Korean Food... Okay so maybe I can eat almosy everything but I... whatever

Drink: Water, Juice, Sour drinks, Buko Juice (Try it, it's awesogewd!)

Place: School, Condo/House/Dorm?, and My YUNJAE DREAM LAND, I also visit my Imagination, like 24/7

Movie: Titanic, Comedy,Romance and SAW 1-6

Book/Literature: Damaged (YunJae Fic. by: Aquarius Lover) Hardy Boys, Science books.

Song: Born this way; Toki wo Tomete (and the rest of their Korean and Japanese songs); How will I know; I can't make you love me and the rest of my SSS (Six Song Syndrome)

Music Genre: Everything (Just no screamo); Acapella's. Any language as long as I can feel the soul in it.

I dislike:

People: the opposite of what's written on my 'I Like' things~

Food: Sushi (Sorry folks, lol. Le me no eat uncooked food :D)

Drink: Alcohol.

Place: Noisy places (Well it also depends on who I'm with)

Movie: :DDD

Book/Literature: :DDD

Song: :DDD

Music: :DDD

P.S.: I have a love-hate relationship with korean entertainment. So if you're gonna ask me about K-dramas/movies and any other things that don't include their music then I suggest you don't tak to me about that. I don't really like them even if DBSK/JYJ plays a role (I'll probably not like it more.) so yeah.

P.P.S. if you want you can add me on facebook. (>.<) just message me, hmm? I'll not add the link here, ya know. :DDDD


Mythical creature: YUNNIE-corn

Anime Channel: HERO-tv

Cartoon Character: MICKY-mouse

Food: duck's BUTT

Candy: MAX menthol


I aslo believe that:

Everything is Possible if you think it's Possible.

And I'm Park Yoochun's Wife. Ahohoho.Too much?


and please do support Suitehearts! (Story I wrote about Yoochun and an OC (Lee Ji An) She's awesome. As in)

(Just wanna share~ Something I wrote for english~)

The Life of a Fangirl~

The first time I saw him up on stage with his brown hair covering his dazzling eyes. His sweet smile and the sweetest tune I may have heard all of my life which was his voice. The way heheld out his ahnd out as if he was asking me to come wth his on his world. His tan strong arms that emitted security and love and all the nice things. Not to mention his pearl white teeth he kept on flashing with every tantalizing smile. Oh, how I wish I could repeat that moment over and over again. The way his emotions flowed out of his being as he sang his heart out while I sat on my bed, watching him dreamily from the television. And when he finally stepped up front, he stood straight for his final message to his fans, his sweet words that said the words I love you with me deleting the word fans and replaced it with my name in return; hoping that one day he would finally say that to me with only me in his eyes

(Lol. Got a 100 because of this. >.<)